VVDI key tool locked and unlocked meaning, remote wired & wireless difference

VVDI key tool locked and unlocked meaning, remote wired & wireless difference (with images), VVDI (Wireless) Remote support list etc.


Part 1: VVDI key tool “locked” and “unlocked” meaning

Locked and unlocked basically means whether you can write data onto the transponder chip. For some vehicles, once the transponder chip has been written it’s locked and then cannot be edited (although some types can be unlocked or renewed again using other methods).


Part 2: VVDI key tool remote wired & wireless difference

Xhorse universal remote(wireless and wired style) support generation or cloning by VVDI KEY TOOL and VVDI2

1.Wireless remote support generation or cloning directly without cables, no need to disassemble remote cover.

2.The PCB of wireless style is different from the wired style, the wired remote style PCB with socket for cable connection programming remote.


Xhorse universal remote wireless style PCB image:


Xhorse universal remote wired style PCB image:



uobdii.com is available with many xhorse vvdi key tool remotes.


Part 3: What are the differences among all the Xhorse VVDI key tool remotes?

There are dozens of Xhorse VVDI key tool remotes, take “VW B5 Style”, “VW DS Style” and “Audi A6L Q7 Style” for example, what are the differences?

The remotes are generally considered universal, with exception that some vehicles use the wireless type – since remote and immobilizer is programmed together in vehicle.